Sunday, May 10, 2015

Small Move, Big Change => the power of microresolutions

Changes in doing lead to changes in being

Microresolution - 7 rules


  • Limited, reasonable, achievable (9, 14); don’t make a microresolution you can’t keep
  • Attn to size (determine if it's better to do more at one time or more frequent but in smaller batches?) (46)
  • Self-improvement happens around the edges = the vital margin (6)


  • What, when, where and how it’ll be cued (22)
  • What = must be explicit and measurable action (15)
  • Cue (time, activity, situation/impulse), if contextual link to an existing habit (floss when brushing teeth)

Immediate payoff

  • The benefit provided by the microresolution today is the goal (26)
  • Focus on your commitment (vs. a step in overall progress), savor this immediate present success


  • Rx that you write for yourself
  • Adjust and tweak as needed (34)


  • Do this by reframing: positive/inspiring: “I enjoy ___ more when I’m___” (37)
  • Zero-tolerance – use this sparingly (for trigger of big negative actions), best if it’s a quick 5-min-max action (42)

Fires on cue

  • Pair an identified cue w/resolved response (58)
  • Know your triggers allows you to pick best cue for the microresolution (59)

Two at a time (66)

  • It takes energy to establish a new normal (147)
  • Gradually, over time, you’ll make real and lasting changes

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