Friday, April 5, 2013

How to succeed on the job? Cultivate skills & "craftsperson mindset"

Rules/strategies proposed:
  • 1: "Follow your passion" = bad advice (100) instead:
  • 2: Build career capital (rare/valuable skills) more helpful (100-1)
    • Craftsperson mindset - focus on what you offer/craft-centric vs. productivity-centric (215), e-mail 90mins/day (73)/value impt over urgent
    • Deliberate practice - stretch your abilities/invite feedback
      • Stretch to just beyond current competence (99) via practice-inducing tasks (214)
      • Invite and use feedback
      • Seek "open gates = opportunities already open to build capital (94)
  • 3: Invest career capital (142-3)
    • Control - need capital to back it up, be ready to encounter resistance
    • Resistance - To know when resistance is trying to limit you (vs. warning that you're not yet ready for more control) use the Law of Financial Viability (are people willing to pay for what you offer) (139)
  • 4: Develop/refine mission (196-7)
    • Develop = innovation found in the "adjacent possible" of your field (161, 223)
      • Adjacent possible = just beyond the cutting edge (159)
      • Note: to get to cutting edge, must develop expertise/career capital
    • Refine = To narrow/identify focus of the mission use:
      • "Little bets" (small steps to calibrate way forward) - info from small significant wins allows discovery of unexpected avenues/extraordinary outcomes (179)
        • Small enough to be completed in less than a month (225)
        • Forces you to create new value (new skills, new resources)
        • Produces concrete results that can be used to gather concrete feedback and allows you to explore promising ideas
      • Law of Remarkability: 1) people remark on it and 2) launched in a venue that supports such remarking (193)

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