Sunday, January 10, 2010

Snapshot: Financial equity-5 point plan

Did you know? 

  • 2/3 mothers are breadwinners
  • Women make up 50% of the paid workforce?

Financial equity-5 point plan:

  1. Stop making unemployment, retirement and other benefits contingent on steady FT work
  2. Don't make flexible hours a barrier to health insurance, and do stop charging women more for health insurance
  3. Guarantee workers paid family & medical leave
  4. Provide high-quality healthcare
  5. Stop taxing women's income unfairly/disproportionately - get rid of: a) flat taxes=payroll taxes for SS & Medicare are flat taxes which means that people w/lower incomes pay higher percentage of income than those with higher incomes (over $106,800) and b) get rid of taxing combined income pushing the lower earner (usually a woman) into a higher tax bracket=second earner penalty

- "Paycheck Feminism" by Karen Kornbluh & Rachel Homer (MS Magazine, fall 2009)

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